To include AlhóndigaBilbao in communication strategies and public relations means including the citizens. This is a beneficial and profitable attitude towards the entity belonging to the corporation member of AlhóndigaBilbao. A bet on turning public relations into personal relations and communication into dialogue.

AlhóndigaBilbao provides several types and degrees of commitment with the aim of building a steady relation between institutions and the citizens, ranging from global support to specific collaborations.

1.- Global support

Global support is one of the keys to guaranteeing feasibility and quality of the annual AlhóndigaBilbao programme. Global support means to give continuity and support to the project of the culture and leisure centre, which includes the following:

  • Strategic Employer

  • Employer

2.- Specific collaboration

The world of business and institutions may, likewise, connect in a particular way to the annual AlhóndigaBilbao programme as:

  • Sponsor

  • Associate


  • Public recognition:

    • Mentions in AlhóndigaBilbao's announcements: reports, catalogues, website, etc.

    • Public greetings in press media: advertisements, press releases, etc.

  • The use of spaces:

    • Possibility of holding meetings, congresses and conferences at the Auditorium, the Bastida Room and exhibition rooms.

    • Possibility of holding cocktail parties, dinners and presentations at the exhibition room foyer.i>

    • The use of the corporate image:

      • Possibility of using the AlhóndigaBilbao corporate image in the company's media –advertisement in press, brochures, reports, television advertisements, etc.

      • Availability of the Corporate Member logotype.

    • Invitations to exhibition openings.

    • Advantages of accessing the centre:

      • Invitations for gifts.

      • Guided tours for groups.