V hóPLAY International Videogame Contest


hóPLAY is organized by AlhóndigaBilbao. It is meant to present and publicize video game productions that are outstanding for their originality, creativity and innovation and which reflect the values related with AlhóndigaBilbao.

V hóPLAY International Videogame Contest Entry Rules 


Corner Desing

Corner Desing is a project by Beaz and AlhóndigaBilbao which, as members of the Bilbao Bizkaia Design&Creativity Council (BiDC), promote the design and creative industries as drivers of the economic development and external image of Bilbao and the Biscay region.

This initiative offers entrepreneurs and businesses within the design world a one-year-long space within which to set out their initiatives. Currently, the space is occupied by the TAKO project.

The competition rules will be published here shortly.