People of different ages practising sports in AlhondigaBilbao


The goal and philosophy of physical activity at AlhóndigaBilbao is to combine conventional physical exercise with a whole body approach in the development of a healthy individual. Bearing that in mind as the general premise of our programme, we intend to offer a variety of activities with varying degrees of intensity in terms of exercise for the physical or for introspection.

For those who prefer relaxing disciplines, it is possible to take part in specific activities aimed at harmonising mind and body, such as Tai Chi, yoga and others. Naturally, specialised individual assessment is available to help you find what's best for you.

Further information at the Physical Activity Centre Reception and at Infopuntua.

There is something for everybody, regardless of age.


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Facilities will be open Monday through Sunday for 16 hours a day

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Up to 30 activities and over 250 hours of classes per week for everyone.